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Impacta® Floor Underlayments by Sound Seal are premium acoustical underlayment systems that have been engineered specially for each floor covering. All floor coverings are not the same and have different requirements to ensure proper installation and warranty of the floor. Each Impacta underlayment has been manufactured to maintain the integrity and original warranty of the floor. Impacta underlayments are complete systems, no other material except the floor covering and setting material are needed

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Flooring Underlayments

  • Impacta Marathon

    Marathon is an underlay system designed for use under floating vinyl to control sound. Marathon Super is capable of exceptional leveling and stabilizing . Marathon underlayments also help in controlling sound. Marathon is composed of a hard topside and a soft bottom side, that will level out uneven substrates up to 2mm per 3 feet which helps gives a perfect look to your floor.
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  • struktus-underlayment
    Impacta Struktus

    Strucktus is a easy and quick way to create a level and stable sub floor specifically for use with floated vinyl or interlocking floated vinyl plank. Struktus is a system, that is both simple in design and implementation. Struktus has a thickness of 11 mm, which consists of a specially selected moisture resistant MDF board (4 mm) and a high quality wood fibre soft board (7 mm).
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  • Impacta Soundeater

    Soundeater underlayment for nail down hardwood is the most recent development in the field of sound reducing sub-flooring designed for 3/4" solid and 14-15mm semi-solid hardwood flooring. Soundeater combines a specially designed tongue and groove impact absorbing soft board with a mating wooden profile.
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  • probase
    Impacta ProBase

    Impacta ProBase installation of solid nail-down hardwood flooring using a raft method. Install ProBase from wall to wall– loose lay; lay ½” plywood on top of the ProBase leaving a ½” expansion/acoustic gap around all walls. Install a second ½” layer of plywood making sure of stagger the bottom seam from the top, glue & brad nail the top plywood to the bottom plywood.
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  • redupax
    Impacta Redupax

    Redupax is an acoustic floor underlayment for floated laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. Redupax has a thickness of 9 mm and a density of 13 lbs per cubic foot and offers true stability, acoustics and thermal qualities. In addition, Redupax is also environmentally friendly FCS certified and bio degradable. Installed under floated engineered hardwood and laminate floors.
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  • Impacta Paladin

    Paladin acoustic underlayment is a thinner version of the Redupax model. Paladin is only 4mm thick and is available in packages of 130 sf. Paladin underlay is economically priced and readily available. Paladin is made from FSC certified compressed wood fibers and offers better acoustical performance over similar priced foams, felts, rubber or natural cork underlayments.
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  • cerazorb
    Impacta CeraZorb

    CeraZorbis a lightweight 5 mm thick underlayment system that has been specially designed for use under tile and stone. CeraZorb offers high energy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads. CeraZorb is a Synthetic cork underlayment that will not rot, swell, absorb water and is anti microbial.
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    • jumpaxcp
      Impacta Jumpax CP

      Jumpax CP is a dry levelling cement based screed underlayment system developed to be installed over lightweight wood frame construction in place of gypsum topping. Jumpax® CP consists of a top & bottom cement bonded panels that weighs 4 ¼ lb per sq ft and will increase the STC rating.
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    • Impacta Uni-Silence System

      Uni-Silence is a sound reducing prefabricated base floor system. The Uni-Silence system is comprised of a sound absorbing soft board and a cement bonded top board panel. The total thickness is 2 1/2" and weighs 7.25 lbs per sq ft.
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